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Finance Freelancing Platform

At Long Shot, we're not just leading, we're redefining the landscape of physical verification and professional hiring across India. Our platform stands at the forefront, bridging the gap between entities seeking top-tier finance professionals and the finest talent looking for both short-term assignments and permanent positions. Since our inception, we have diligently woven a vast network that now encompasses over 20,000 finance professionals, covering every state and union territory, with a presence in over 1,000 cities.

Long Shot offers three services


Stock/Asset Audit, Distributor Visit, Damage & Expiry Audit, Mystery Shopping, Survey, KYC and Field Visit.


Hire for Assignment
Finance Graduates


Hire for Job
Finance Graduates

Redefining Physical Verification Services
across India

Companies Served

Registered Professionals


Companies Served

Long Shot has conducted Physical verification in across industries

Physical Verification at Scale

"Long Shot is the only Enterprise With the Scale for Nationwide Physical Verification in India"

Our Innovative approch to
Physical Verification

Learn how we are disrupting physical verification industry in India.

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Future of Physical Verification

Unlocking our insights into the future

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Guidance for Stock Audit in FMCG

Excelling at FMCG Stock Audits

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Guidance for Stock Audit for Apparel Stores

How we conduct Stock Audit for Apparel Stores

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Simultaneous Audits

Nights Audits Without Business Disruption

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All at one place

Mystery Shopping, Asset Tagging, Vendor Visits and KYC

Tech-Enabled Staff Augmentation and Recruitment

Our Technology streamline hiring with AI resume ranking and an efficient WhatsApp ChatBot, ensuring swift candidate shortlisting and real-time client updates.

Semantic Search going beyond Keywords

Based on context the resumes are ranked with Ranking best at top

Long Shot uses keyword search to it's corpus of 13000+ resumes of Professionals.

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Chatbot collects Resume after the candidate is Shortlisted

User has uploaded a voice prompt asking 'Explain how I can play this', and uploaded a sheet of music.

Seamlessly synchronized with our platform for up-to-the-minute hiring insights.

Real time reporting promotes transparent and clear communication about hiring status.

Transparency fosters trust and understanding, laying the foundation for lasting business relationships. In clarity, we find the path to genuine partnership.

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Long Shot has conducted Physical verification in across industries

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